A Different Type of Tourette’s Treatment – Part 2


In Part 1 of “A Different Type of Tourette’s Treatment” we told you that Tourette’s responds to anti-yeast treatment. Here is where we tell you why.

There are chemicals being produced in the body by intestinal yeast that slow down the part of the brain responsible for stopping the part of the brain that wants to fire off involuntarily. These toxins are also coming in from the food being ingested. Vinegar, for instance, contains the sedative ethyl acetate and malt contains other sedative chemicals such as the alkyl pyrazines that can also hinder brain functions.

So what’s Nystatin? This is a non-absorbed medicine which kills intestinal yeast. So why not just add Nystatin? For it to work properly, the patient’s diet must be changed. Nystatin is quite powerful, but many of the foods one ingests contain chemicals that feed yeast. So despite your effort to kill the yeast with the help of Nystatin, it is going to continue to grow back thanks to these chemicals.

A proper anti-Candida treatment for Tourette’s treatment includes restricting the diet to exclude certain foods that have high levels of yeast. Alcoholic beverages, aged cheeses, chocolate, pickles, vinegar and the like all contain high levels of yeast or yeast chemicals. If a child is being treated for Tourette’s some of these may be a non-issue, such as the alcohol, but chocolate and cheese might be harder to eliminate from their diet. We go into further detail on how to start children on a yeast free diet in the book Feast Without Yeast.

On a Tourette’s diet, so to speak, yeast would be eliminated in an effort to stop toxins from being created which result in toxins being created that slow down the inhibitory functions of the brain. On a Tourette’s diet, these inhibitory functions can function more properly and thus, reduce involuntary tics.

In Feast Without Yeast: 4 Stages to Better Health, there are over 225 easy-to-make recipes that taste good and are good for you. Implementing this diet as a part of a treatment for Tourette’s could be difficult at first; but it is much easier than dealing with heavy doses of medication and potentially costly medical bills.

A Tourette’s diet is easy to follow and includes hundreds of delicious meals. As the title of the book says, you can Feast Without Yeast and with a proper Tourette’s diet plan in conjunction is Nystatin you can see positive results without the use of heavy medications.

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