Tourettes Treatment-Changing to a Yeast-Free Diet


There are a lot of questions out there regarding “What is the Best Tourettes Treatment”? To do this, we must look at what Tourettes does to the brain and how we can counter act some of these behaviors to repress some of the symptoms of the disease.

Tourettes is a disorder of the brain where areas of the brain that control muscle movements fire involuntarily. The brain has a function that controls whether or not these control centers fire, meaning that a muscle won’t move unless we want it to. In the case of those with Tourettes, that part of the brain malfunctions, which is why we see motor tics in patients with Tourettes.

What does this have to do with yeast? Well, there are a lot of sedatives chemicals in foods such as malt. When the body processes these foods, sedatives are sent to the brain and the control center for the area of your brain that controls the inhibition for those muscles to fire.

If that control center is sedated, there is no inhibition for the muscles to fire off involuntarily.

Through treating Tourettes patients with an anti-Candida diet, we have seen tremendous improvements in dealing with the disease. Often times, patients no longer need heavy doses of medication.  The diet helped them!

You can read more about how yeast affects your body and learn about what we’ve studied and have learned to be the best Tourettes treatment in Feast Without Yeast and An Extraordinary Power to Heal.

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