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An Extraordinary Power to Heal, by Bruce Semon, M.D., Ph.D., and Lori Kornblum. Soft cover book Price $24.95; Amazon Kindle price $15.99

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AN EXTRAORDINARY POWER TO HEAL, by Bruce Semon, M.D., Ph.D., and Lori Kornblum, was written for people suffering from a wide range of supposedly untreatable medical conditions, ranging from autism to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to psoriasis. This book documents, through examples of actual cases that Dr. Semon has treated, that many diverse medical conditions respond to anti-yeast therapy. This therapy consists of changing diet and taking the anti-yeast medication nystatin. An Extraordinary Power to Heal goes beyond presenting case examples, however. It allows people to take charge of their health by providing comprehensive and comprehensible explanations of how and why yeast and yeast chemicals cause severe and diverse health problems.

Not only do yeast chemicals–present in people’s intestines and in the foods we eat–cause many major medical problems, but the immune system cannot properly respond to yeast. In An Extraordinary Power to Heal, Dr. Semon explains how our immune system is supposed to function to get rid of foreign invaders, and describes all of the ways that scientists have discovered that the yeast Candida albicans thwarts and evades the immune system. Because the immune system cannot clear yeast, the immune system fights yeast in many ways that actually cause major health problems.

An Extraordinary Power to Heal answers these questions and presents information in a way that lay people can understand. However, one of the most important functions of the book is to answer these questions for health care practitioners as well.

The most common question people ask is, “can my doctor do this for me?” The answer, with this book, is “yes.”

Dr. Semon and Ms. Kornblum have carefully provided all of the scientific information underpinning these observations in footnotes that health care practitioners can read for a more thorough understanding of how yeast causes problems and why yeast problems should be taken seriously. This book, then, is written for both lay people and their health care practitioners.

An Extraordinary Power to Heal has a comprehensive treatment section, explaining in greater detail than in Feast Without Yeast how to implement our 4 Stages diet, what nystatin is and how to prescribe it. It discusses other anti-yeast treatments as well.

The book is organized into six sections. The first section explains how the foods we eat can trigger illness. The second section explains how yeast chemicals cause illness and devotes specific chapters to specific problems that yeast chemicals cause or make worse. These problems include Autism, ADD and ADHD, Depression, Allergies, Food Addiction, Tourette’s Syndrome, headaches, and other problems.

The chapter on Autism is particularly comprehensive. In that chapter, Dr. Semon explains how the “gluten free casein free” diet really is part of a good anti-yeast diet. The companion cookbook to An Extraordinary Power to Heal, Extraordinary Foods for the Everyday Kitchen, is completely wheat/gluten and milk/casein free as well as yeast free.

The third section explains how the immune system is supposed to work to destroy foreign invaders such as yeast, but how yeast thwarts and evades the immune system. This section gives full explanations for how yeast causes or makes worse medical conditions associated with immune problems, including Multiple Sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, ulcerative colitis, eczema, psoriasis, ear infections, chronic vaginal yeast infections and other conditions.

The fourth section explains anti-yeast treatment in great detail. This section gives you a step by step, day by day and week by week plan for changing your life and your health.

The fifth section addresses theoretical and policy issues. Finally, the last section gives specific information for informed consent for treatment, nystatin dosing, how to include this diet on an IEP (individualized educational plan), travel tips, and other information.

We hope that you enjoy this book, and that reading it helps you or someone you know take charge of their health and feel better.
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About the Authors

Dr. Bruce Semon, Medical Director of Wisconsin Institute of Nutrition, is a board certified psychiatrist and doctorate level nutritionist. He has appeared on numerous radio programs and internet programs. Dr. Semon received his M.D. from University of Wisconsin-Madison and his Ph.D. in Nutrition from University of California-Davis. Dr. Semon was a Research Fellow in the Laboratory of Nutritional and Molecular Regulation, of the National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health. He received his adult psychiatry training at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Dr. Semon also was a Fellow in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Dr. Semon has published several academic papers relating to nutrition, and is a contributing author to Biological Treatments for Autism and PDD, by Dr. William Shaw.

As a complement to Dr. Semon’s regular psychiatry practice, Dr. Semon has treated many patients for yeast-related illnesses, including eczema, psoriasis, depression and autism, with remarkable results.

For more information about Dr. Semon’s practice, click here.

Ms. Kornblum is Operations Director of Wisconsin Institute of Nutrition. She is an attorney in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Ms. Kornblum regularly counsels parents on how to implement yeast free, wheat free and dairy free diets.

Both Dr. Semon and Ms. Kornblum are available to speak at conferences, radio programs, on-line chats, to teach classes, and for consultation. They can discuss the medical, scientific background to yeast free, wheat free, and milk free diets; homeopathy; alternative health care; and the “how to’s” of implementing dietary change. Call 877-332-7899 to schedule a date.