Success Stories: Aspberger’s and Feast Without Yeast

Success story

This Success Story about treating Aspberger’s Syndrome, part of the Autism Spectrum Disorder, comes from our archives on our old website’s discussion forum.  We originally published it in 2008, and it drew thousands of hits.  We no longer are able to support the discussion forum, so we are republishing this article so you can read it in the author’s own words:

My daughter in progress: Oddly enough when we discovered one of our children had Asperger Syndrome, it was a good thing. It answered many of the questions we had regarding our child’s behavior. We were determined to help her. It says in the Bible that our two goals should be wisdom and common sense, so for these things we prayed.

Trying to determine what was causing all her symptoms we had already removed all preservatives and hydrogenated oils. We had replaced all the ducts in our air conditioning and threw out all of our non stick cookware, in her bedroom was an air purifier and we stopped drinking tap water. We avoided refined sugars and artificial coloring as well. When I started researching Asperger Syndrome it didn’t take long before I learned of gluten & casein and their connection to Autism. I found ‘Feast Without Yeast’ at our local health food store and learned more about yeast / candida.

In April, 2007, armed with this new information we put our daughter on an even more restricted diet. Gluten free, casein free and yeast free, along with avoiding/limiting any foods that may contain high levels of aspergillus. Within a few days we started to notice a difference. Within a few weeks it was incredible. Now the difference is profound. And I am pleased to say that our little author has written a fifteen chapter book.
She couldn’t read two pages ten months ago. Now, she will read for hours if we let her. Her list of symptoms went on forever. Brain fog, lethargy, sinusitis, headaches, stomach aches, repetitive speech patterns, eyes darting, at times unresponsive, and hearing difficulties; this is the short list. She also had some gross & fine motor skill difficulties. The worst though, was the ground shaking melt downs that lasted until she would fall asleep. Not temper tantrums. These were more like emotional break-downs that she clearly couldn’t control and would occur at least every other day. However, I can say with confidence she is recovering. We believe God is healing her every day.

After three years in speech, she had improved little. At present her speech is improving rapidly, her vocabulary has quadrupled, and all physically painful symptoms are gone. Her hearing is perfect. People are able to engage her in conversations and she will initiate conversation as well. She is a bright, happy and focused child.

Her speech therapist believes one more year of speech therapy will be sufficient. To help with motor function she will receive some minor physical therapy. At home we make fresh juice every morning, she drinks kefir every day and takes a homeopathic detox drops every night. She does not take any prescription drugs and rarely if ever takes non-prescription drugs.

Out of support for her diet, the whole family participates, and subsequently feels better. Our youngest daughter’s asthma symptoms are much better and my own frequent headaches have disappeared. I understand not everyone will get these results, but I have to believe that if a drowning person is thrown a life preserver they would take it.

With that in mind, I am writing about our ongoing experience with this incredible dietary intervention.
When I told our daughter that I was posting this on the success stories area of this site, she suggested I entitle it ‘My Daughter in Progress’. Very insightful for a nine year old. We may very well change the title of her story to this as well.


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