Adderall® Shortage

Adderall® Shortage

The opiate prescribing crisis has led to rules which affect the supply of opiate drugs to pharmacies but also of medications for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), such as Adderall®, also known as dextroamphetamine-amphetamine.  Many patients have come to rely...

A man with “weird foggy episodes” feels much better after following the anti-yeast diet

A 46 year old man presented for not feeling himself, not feeling good about things and feeling anxious and less confident.  These feelings had gone on for a year.   He had had a panic attack while driving but the main problem was...

Humira® is costly and of limited benefit; there is an alternative

Humira® is costly and of limited benefit; there is an alternative

In the New York Times on 1/29/23 was an article about how a drug company (Abbvie) selling Humira® (adalimumab) managed to use “legal” patent manipulations and huge cost increases to make 114 billion dollars selling Humira®.  Humira® is indicated for...

Carolyn after treatment--Autism improved

Autism improved-New homeopathic remedy and diet

This is the case of Carolyn (not her real name), an autistic teen who regained lost function by treatment using a new homeopathic remedy and diet. This is the case of how this new homeopathic remedy and diet helped Carolyn....

Barbara is happy without Crohn's

Crohn’s Disease relieved by Feast Without Yeast

Crohn’s disease in a woman, Barbara, (not her real name) now symptom free Barbara was in her 40’s when she came to see me for Crohn’s disease.  Another doctor had diagnosed her with “microscopic colitis”, a diagnosis which was later...


Romantic Flowers

Yeast Infection

When Monistat Stops Helping Candida

Itchy, painful vaginal yeast infections need treatment!  However, if you use it often enough, you will find the popular topical cream Monistat stops helping Candida.   What do you do when this happens? When you have a yeast infection, also called a Candida infection,...

colorectal cancer issue

Make your Gut Microbiome Healthy!

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