Autism improved-New homeopathic remedy and diet

Carolyn after treatment--Autism improved

This is the case of Carolyn (not her real name), an autistic teen who regained lost function by treatment using a new homeopathic remedy and diet. This is the case of how this new homeopathic remedy and diet helped Carolyn.

Carolyn is a 14 year old female with autistic disorder who came to see me three years after a major regression with speech loss and loss of ability to write as well as uncontrolled behavior at the age of 11. Carolyn improved markedly by using diet and homeopathy, specifically the Feast Without Yeast diet, the anti-yeast medicine nystatin, and a new homeopathic remedy designed for autism.

Carolyn was originally diagnosed with autism at age 4.  Family had tried many therapies to help her develop expressive speech.  She was speaking some at age 11.  However, according to her mother, one day she came home from school and she was “crazy, running around, going to the bathroom constantly, motioning she was brushing her teeth, and doing somersaults non-stop.”  She did not want lights in the house.  She was crying, screaming and not speaking and not sleeping well.  Traditional medical doctors prescribed a number of medications which were not helpful.

A local alternative doctor diagnosed PANDAS (Pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infections) and sent her to Chicago for IV IG (intravenous immunoglobulins or antibodies).  This helped a little with sleeping.  She was still yelling and screaming.    By the time I saw Carolyn, she had been tried on a number of medications and alternative therapies but had improved only a little in the last three years.  She could not write or draw (things she had been able to do) and could only say a few words.

 Carolyn was started on the Feast Without Yeast diet and on the non-absorbed anti-yeast medicine nystatin and was given the homeopathic remedy Bacillinum (a homeopathic remedy used for oppositional behavior). 

 Carolyn came back a month later.     She had started nystatin and did much better but had occasional outbursts depending on whether she ate something not allowed on the diet.

 At this point the nystatin and the anti-yeast diet were continued.  The family was given the option of trying a new homeopathic remedy developed by this writer called Yeast Chemicals (described below).  The family gave this remedy twice before the next visit.

 Carolyn was seen another month later (about two and a half months after the first visit).  Per parents, Carolyn was doing much better, the best she had been in three years.  School was going much better.  She was answering questions better.  Sleep was good.  She was sleeping through the night.  She was calm.  Mood was improved.  The Feast Without Yeast diet, nystatin and the remedy were all continued.

 At about three and a half months, Carolyn received an A on a biology test.  By six months, Carolyn was sleeping better and was answering questions and academically was the best she has been since when the functional losses occured. She has continued to improve and is now playing the piano again.

 Overall, this patient has continued to improve. As of the most recent visit, per mother, Carolyn does pretty well.  She is communicating more.  She has spontaneous speech.  She can answer questions and make statements in complete sentences.  She had regained all the function she had lost at age 11 and had continued to improve in her function due to the Feast Without Yeast diet, nystatin and the yeast chemicals remedy. 

 Explanation: Candida yeast in the gut (present more after antibiotics) makes a variety of toxic chemicals.  These chemicals can affect the brain and cause developmental problems.  The treatment here is to remove foods from the diet which help the Candida yeast grow and to kill the yeast using the non-absorbed medicine nystatin.  This therapy is usually very helpful for children with autism.

 Here a new therapy was added. The homeopathic remedy “yeast chemicals” is made from four of the yeast chemicals.  In homeopathy, that which can cause a problem in healthy people, can knock those problems out of someone ill from these substances.  Homeopathy is hard to understand and accept but as noted in this case, the homeopathic remedy “yeast chemicals” was very helpful in reversing the regression that occurred at age 11.  This writer has developed this remedy specially for people with autism.  For information about this remedy, please contact Dr. Semon directly.  More information on general homeopathy is available on our website.