Success Stories: Autism Spectrum Disorder Gone in a Six Year Old Boy!


Meet Martin, age 3,  Autism Spectrum Disorder

I first saw Martin almost two years ago when he was approaching his fourth birthday. His parents reported that he could not focus, and was impulsive. He was oppositional and throwing fits. He was still not toilet trained. He was not listening. He was having trouble with transitions and did not want to stop favorite activities. His parents reported that at home, he was thrashing and arching his back, and moaning. He was running off at school. Martin did not sleep well from his birth until age three. He still had some sleep issues when he was first seen.

His medical history was notable for a viral lung infection at age 6 months. The doctors treated him with antibiotics, steroids and an inhaler. He was not speaking at age 2. His doctor recommended Birth to Three services. His parents enrolled Martin, and he did better there. He began to speak some.   After finishing Birth to Three services, he enrolled in the next step in services for special needs children, called Early Childhood Education. Martin received speech therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy.

When Martin first came into my office at nearly four years, he could not sit still.   I observed him constantly moving around the room, grabbing things off shelves. His parents were busy the entire time trying to redirect him, but they were not able to do so. He was into everything. He was also whining loudly.  His speech was very limited for an almost four year old.   When the parents asked him questions, he could speak and answer some questions about which toy he was using, but he would not respond to me.

Overall, he showed many signs of being on the Autism spectrum, despite making some improvements in Birth to Three and in Early Childhood. His parents did not want him to be labeled as having an Autism Spectrum Disorder, but recognized that Martin had developmental disabilities.

The First Treatment—Anti-Yeast Diet

After observing Martin, and consulting with the family, I prescribed nystatin oral suspension and my anti-yeast Feast Without Yeast diet. Like many families, transitioning to the entire Feast Without Yeast diet would have been too difficult at the beginning. I started him on Stage IA, which involves eliminating malt and vinegar and a few other foods. I describe why I start this way elsewhere on this website. Click here to get to that page.  At that point, he was still eating many foods that were problematic, such as concentrated fruit juice and sugar.

Five Weeks Later–Started Homeopathic Remedies

I next saw Martin about five weeks later. I observed Martin to be talking more, in longer sentences and was answering questions better. However, he was still having school problems. In the office that day, he was crying and screaming after his blood pressure was taken. At this point the dose of the nystatin oral suspension was increased. I discussed the diet with the family, and they agreed to eliminate concentrated fruit juice and sugar. During the second visit, he was eating a fruit roll-up in the room. In addition, I prescribed a homeopathic remedy called Bacillinum. Elsewhere on this website there are basic descriptions of homeopathy. Click here to find out more. Bacillinum is a remedy used when there have been lung problems, hyperactivity and developmental issues. This remedy was first used in the later 1800’s in Great Britain by a doctor named Dr. Compton Burnett. I have found this remedy useful for some patients who have Autism. Figuring which remedy to use is very complicated, and must be done on a case by case basis.

After the first 10 Weeks–Toilet Trained!

Martin came back five weeks later. His parents had eliminated from Martin’s diet the concentrated fruit juice and sugar. They were able to toilet train him as a result. Martin was more engaged when his parents were reading to him. He was playing with more toys. His parents reported that after 10 weeks on the Feast Without Yeast diet and nystatin, his sleeping was “great”. His speech had continued to improve in amount and structure and in his ability to interact and speak with other kids. Martin was visibly calmer. He had just started his preschool year, handled this introduction and interacted with the other children. His parents noted that he stood out for “good behavior” among his preschool peers. His peers were exhibiting the kind of behavior he used to exhibit.   At the appointment he was smiling and answering questions. He showed me his toy truck and named it. He was calm and this time he handled the staff taking his blood pressure and pulse with ease.

Almost a Year Later-doing great! Autism Spectrum Disorder disappearing

Martin was seen 9 months later, close to his fifth birthday. By then he was speaking well and was doing well in school. The family had continued the Feast Without Yeast diet, but had stopped the nystatin. They reported that Martin was irritable when he had sugar. The family had continued to use the homeopathic remedy Bacillinum. I asked that the nystatin be restarted.   He was continued on the Bacillinum. I also prescribed another homeopathic remedy that I had developed specifically for Autism, called Candida chemicals. This is one of the remedies that I developed based on the chemicals made by the intestinal yeast Candida albicans. I have developed several such remedies and they are proving to be helpful for Autism.

Autism Spectrum Disorder gone after Two Years of Treatment

Martin was seen about a year later, not quite two years after he was first seen. As of this writing, in May 2016, Martin is almost 6 years old. Martin was continuing to speak well and overall was doing well. He was calm. Martin’s family reported that he was irritable and would wake during the night if he had malt. Martin was mostly on the Feast Without Yeast diet. Martin only needed the Bacillinum when he was agitated. When he was seen on this day, he behaved just like any neuro-typical six year old boy.

He had recovered from his “developmental delays,” as his parents called them. Based on my observations, he had moved off the Autism spectrum. This is a major success story.

Every case is different. I am happy to work with you and your children, including possibly using some of these new homeopathic remedies. They are not available anywhere else. Please contact me for appointments.