Success Story: Autism Treatment in a Preschooler: Homeopathy and Feast Without Yeast Diet


Success Story–Using Homeopathy and Anti-Yeast Autism Treatment Saved Lenny

Lenny is a young child with Autism whom I first saw at about the age of two years and eight months. Of course, I have changed his name to protect his identity. During the time I treated him, he went from being a child suffering with the symptoms of Autism to being able to go to a regular preschool and sit in a regular preschool classroom.

I have been treating children and adults with Autism for more than two decades.  I decided to feature Lenny because he was treated  using Telemedicine and because we used both Homeopathy and Anti-Yeast therapy.

Lenny Could Not Talk

Lenny’s parents described his history to me.  They told me that when Lenny was two years old, he did not respond to his name. He had no speech and was very repetitive. He showed no eye contact, did not follow directions and did not want to run on the playground. He was waking up every night screaming and running.

Vitamin B-6 made Lenny Worse

His parents had tried high doses of vitamin B-6, which is recommended on some Autism websites. He became worse. He was having tantrums and was screaming.

Although I do not generally prescribe lab tests for yeast, I was interested in seeing what those test results were since Lenny had already undergone them. His parents gave me the results for the organic acid test and the comprehensive stool test and hair test for heavy metals. His numbers were high on five of nine yeast markers on the organic acid test. He did not have significant results on the hair and stool tests.

Autism Treatment through Diet Started to Help

Lenny’s parents started to experiment with diet before they saw me. Lenny initially responded well to a gluten free, casein free diet, which I discuss elsewhere on this website. Then his parents put him on the Feast Without Yeast diet at about age two and a half. A doctor prescribed them crushed pills of the anti-yeast medicine nystatin.   Lenny improved and was speaking, was learning letters, colors and shapes and was showing interest in playing with other children.

The Wrong Medicine and Probiotics Made Lenny Worse

About four months later, the nystatin was switched to a different supplier with a corn starch filler. He was also given “D-Lactate free probiotics” at the same time This was a disaster. Lenny worsened significantly. His parents reported that Lenny was waking up at night, laughing, and running in circles with flapping hands. A few weeks later he was switched to nystatin pure oral powder and again improved. I would note that I only prescribe the pure oral powder, because people can react badly to the fillers in pills.

Lenny’s running around with flapping hands almost disappeared. However, he had trouble with transitions, was repetitive with toys and words, was not patient, made little eye contact, and did not follow directions well. He had frequent tantrums, anger and sometimes bit and hit other people. His parents told me that Lenny wanted to fit in tight spaces and wanted something to be wrapped around his head. He did not have many of these symptoms before he started on the probiotic. (I do not recommend probiotics because they can make problems worse.)

Taking Lenny off Supplements Was A Helpful Autism Treatment

At this point, Lenny’s parents found me and we arranged a consultation by Telemedicine, where they did not need to travel to see me. Instead, we communicated through computer screens. Lenny was too uncomfortable at the first appointment for him to sit in front of the computer for even a minute. He was in the room, looking irritable and agitated. He was whining. The probiotic was stopped just before the appointment but he was still receiving calcium powder with vitamin D and K, zinc cream and Epsom salt baths.

I suggested that the first thing Lenny’s parents should do was to stop probiotics and to stop all supplements. After Lenny’s parents did these things, Lenny began to improve again. He became calmer.

Homeopathy Really Works as an Autism Treatment

Lenny’s parents continued to use the Feast Without Yeast diet and give Lenny nystatin. At subsequent appointments, the family was interested in trying homeopathy as well as anti-yeast therapy. There is a fuller discussion of homeopathy on another webpage of this site. Homeopathy is very complex and highly individualized. Based on Lenny’s particular characteristics and symptoms, I first prescribed a remedy called syphilinum. Lenny’s speech improved immediately. His parents reported that Lenny seemed almost normal for about two days when he took it. It then wore off. They would repeat the dose and he would become better.

Lenny continued to improve. A number of other homeopathic remedies were tried. Because Lenny’s parents reported that he had reacted badly to the MMR vaccine, we tried a remedy made from the MMR vaccine. The remedy did not do much.

The family checked with a local homeopathic practitioner and was tried on the remedies “Carcinosin” and Gaertner bacillus, used for malnutrition in children and in general for children’s illnesses. Those remedies were very successful. Lenny was continued on nystatin and the Feast Without Yeast diet.


By the time Lenny was about three years, five months old—after five months of my treatment, the family was very happy with how Lenny was doing. He had gone from tantrumming, screaming, being irritable, unable to sit still, and having little to no speech, to being fully toilet trained and attending a regular preschool. He was sitting for class.! He still had some food sensitivities but was otherwise doing fine.  This is a real success story, because Lenny, while still a preschooler, had gained control over his Autism.

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