Success Story: Teenage Depression–Completely turned around!

Success story

Posted by Dr. Bruce Semon

I had a patient who presented as a very depressed teenager, 16 years old, whom I will call Chrystal (not her real name).   She was so depressed that she was unable to attend school, or even speak.   Imagine how devastating this was to Chrystal, 16 years old with her  entire life ahead of her! When she came in,  Chrystal had symptoms of  depression and  fatigue.   These problems had been intermittent for three years.  Periodically she stops sleeping, has nightmares, has trouble with her thoughts.  The previous year, her Freshman year, she missed a lot of school. Sometimes Chrystal  is unable to talk and unable to take care of herself.  When she’s fine, Chrystal  is a 4.0 student and an athlete.  Usually the episodes are less than 2 weeks.  Chrystal blames home stress.  She does not sleep well during these episodes.  She says she would like to go back in time.  She was taking vitamins and minerals for neurotransmitters and rhodiola. I prescribed Nystatin Oral Suspension, which is an easy to take form of Nystatin, but not ideal.  Two months later, she still was depressed, fatigue,  had food sensitivities and “leaky gut.”  The first appointment was during the summer, before the start of school, and Chrystal had not complied with treatment, which is not too unusual.   She came back about a month after school started.  Chrystal reported that she was not attending school, and said she “was not thinking.”   She had all of the problems she reported earlier. To me, as her treating doctor, she looked terrible.  She could not express herself.  She was  crying but if her mother tried to say what was going on, she would argue with her mother and not let her mother talk because she could not listen to what her mother had to say about her.   I feared that she was so bad, she might be developing major mental illness. I convinced her to try a different form of Nystatin plus the Feast Without Yeast diet.  I prescribed Nystatin oral powder instead of the oral suspension.  I also started her on a homeopathic remedy called lycopodium, which is for anxiety and insomnia in children. She came back two weeks later.  She had attended school since starting the Nystatin.  She was smiling and happy and told me she felt fine.  The contrast could not have been more striking. I am hoping that she will continue to follow the treatment plan so she can live a happy, productive life.