Recipe of the Week: Menu for a Yeast Free Gluten Free New Year 2017!


Menu for a Yeast Free, Gluten Free  New Year 2017

Start your New Year off right with this delicious menu from Wisconsin Institute of Nutrition, LLP.  

We combine the old with the new, bringing you recipes that we have featured on this website as Recipes of the Week, as well as recipes from our two standout cookbooks, Feast Without Yeast, and Extraordinary Foods for the Everyday Kitchen.

Make it a New Year’s Resolution to follow our website for our Recipe of the Week and other great health related information.  All recipes are original and tested, yeast free, gluten free, and free of most common allergens.



Crispy Tossed Green Salad, with Roasted Garlic and Lemon Dressing (Extraordinary Foods for the Everyday Kitchen, p. 75)

Best Chicken Wings Ever (this website, click here)

Rice Spaghetti Noodles with Tomato, Dill and Marjoram Sauce from Feast Without Yeast, p. 111)

Assortment of Seasonal Steamed Vegetables, (Extraordinary Foods for the Everyday Kitchen, p. 159)

Baked Butternut Squash with Cranberries (this website, click here)

Clementine or Mandarin Oranges

Fruit pie, made with Pears, Mangoes or other delicious fruit!  Create your own recipe from the directions in Feast Without Yeast, p. 337,

with Sweet Rice Pie Crust, from (Extraordinary Foods for the Everyday Kitchen, p. 181)