Success Story: Concussion Treatment and Recovery!

Success story

A teen who suffered several severe football head concussions recovered after I treated him with a few doses of a homeopathic remedy. Here is the case:

I had a 15 year old boy, whom I’ll call Chris, come to see me about nine months after suffering a major concussion while playing high school freshman football the previous August. He had had some previous concussions, including a major concussion and some smaller concussions. The most recent head injury, a major concussion, caused concussion long term effects and post-concussion syndrome. He went from being an A-B student to a mediocre student. He could not play high school basketball. Chris was suffering rage and angry feelings. Chris was also suffering severe anxiety and paranoia and depression, which are all part of post-concussion syndrome and are concussion long term effects. After a few weeks of treatment, he was free of post-concussion syndrome and all of its bad effects. Here’s how: His pediatrician had prescribed Zoloft, an antidepressant. Zoloft did not help. Chris’ family consulted a child psychiatrist who prescribed Risperdal, an antipsychotic medication. Chris stabilized for awhile, but then all his concussion long term effects recurred. At the time he saw me, he was experiencing racing thoughts of hurting people. These thoughts were out of control. Due to the violent thoughts, he could not attend school.

I first encountered Chris’ problems over the phone, because I happened to be covering patients for the psychiatrist who had prescribed the ineffective Zoloft and Risperdal. His parent told me that Chris was having these racing thoughts about hurting people. I told the family to stop the Zoloft. I have had years of experience treating psychiatric problems in patients who suffer head trauma and concussions, and I know that while Zoloft may be helpful for some people, it can have bad side effects in post-concussion syndrome cases, where patients can develop “manic” symptoms while taking Zoloft. I saw Chris about a week or two later. After stopping the Zoloft, Chris had been able to return to school. The racing thoughts were better. He was talking less about feeling lost and talked less about lack of motivation. Chris’ parent was not sure the Risperdal was helpful. I noted that Chris did not appear happy when I saw him. He was not smiling at all.

We discussed various concussion treatment options. His family was open to trying something different. Based on my studies and my experience, I knew that the homeopathic remedy Arnica montana is helpful for all kinds of trauma including head injury and concussion. Homeopathic remedies are based on bringing out the healing energy of natural substances. For more information about homeopathy and homeopathic treatment, click here.  Chris’ family was open to this new treatment. He was given Arnica montana and instructed on how to use it. I instructed him to continue Risperdal.

After two weeks, Chris returned. The family reported the following history of what had happened during these two weeks: First, after one dose of Arnica, however, Chris’ family stopped the Risperdal. I was not consulted on this. A few days after stopping the Risperdal, Chris had an episode of thinking people were there who were not there, which is a psychotic symptom. He was also chatty, manic, irritable and hyperactive. In response to these symptoms, his mother gave him another dose of Arnica. The family reported that Chris’ symptoms resolved in 15 minutes. He took a total of four doses of Arnica over these two weeks.

When I saw Chris, he stated that his concentration and learning were fine and had returned 99%. He stated that he was emotionally fine. He was smiling and happy.

Chris has not required further follow-up. Prior to Chris seeing me, he had required regular follow-up visits with a psychiatrist and had to take two medications. He was still not doing very well in school. Now he has recovered from concussion long term effects and post-concussion syndrome.