How to get  Constipation Relief, and relief from Diarhhea, Abdominal Pain, and Excess Flatulence

by Bruce Semon, M.D., Ph.D

This page is based on Dr. Bruce Semon’s book An Extraordinary Power to Heal (2003). This page gives general explanations about how yeast can cause abdominal problems, including abdominal pain, chronic constipation, diarhhea and excess flatulence. For detailed explanations about all of these problems, we recommend that you read An Extraordinary Power to Heal.

Abdominal Pain, Constipation Relief, Diarrhea, and Flatulence

To understand how to get relief from abdominal pain and constipation relief, we need to know that the gut has its own nervous system. There are many nerve cells in the wall of the gut. For the gut to function properly, these nerve cells must be awake.

In An Extraordinary Power to Heal, I list with references some of the many chemicals which intestinal yeast make. Some of these chemicals are exceedingly irritating. They can cause pain. Such chemicals are toxic, and some are sedative and slow down the nerves. If they slow down the nerves, and literally put the nerves to sleep. If the nerves of the gut are put to sleep, what will be the result? Constipation.

Chronic diarrhea is the body’s attempt to expel the yeast. The yeast are very difficult for the body’s immune system to clear.

The yeast make much gas resulting in gas or flatulence.

The treatment is to clear out the yeast, so it will no longer make all the toxic chemicals. Then the gut can function fully awake and without irritation and pain.

This treatment program is described in An Extraordinary Power to Heal.

I am including in this website only one of several cases that I include in An Extraordinary Power to Heal. This case shows you how abdominal problems respond to anti-yeast treatment.

Alecia’s Case

Alecia came in at the age of six for problems with anger and abdominal pain. She would become angry when she did not get what she wanted. She would threaten to destroy things and scream. She told her mother that her anger would build and that she could not help herself. She also had trouble falling asleep. She would wake during the night. Alecia had abdominal pain during the day, and now such pains were occurring at night. Her daily abdominal pain had started the year before when she was only five years old. Alecia also had other pains also. She feared failure. Alecia had a history of many ear infections. She had tried a milk elimination diet. She had had a major seizure at eight months and had taken an anti-seizure drug for one year afterwards. I prescribed for Alecia the 4 Stages diet and nystatin. Alecia came back six weeks later. She was following the 4 Stages diet and taking one quarter teaspoon of nystatin four times a day. Alecia¹s mother reported that Alecia was much better. She had had only two angry outbursts since starting the program, one of which occurred after eating regular bread. Alecia was now sleeping well and she had much less abdominal pain.

For more help in implementing yeast free diets, please see our books. An Extraordinary Power to Heal (2003) gives you detailed instructions, day by day and week by week, about how to eliminate toxic foods from your diets. We give you the recipes and menus to do this in Extraordinary Foods for the Everyday Kitchen (2003) and Feast Without Yeast (1999).