Success Story: Numb Hands, Mood Swings Cured in 6 weeks

Success story

This is a post from the medical practice of Dr. Bruce Semon, M.D., Ph.D., about a recent case that he has in which a young woman was cured of numbness in her hands and bad mood swings in just 6 weeks.  This is a real case! An 18 year old young woman, whom I’ll call Sally (not her real name),  came to see me.  She told me she was “stressed out,” she felt she needed to be busy, and was not able to relax.  Sally told me she was doing well  in school, in fact she is  an A student and  a student athlete.  She keeps on pushing herself.  According to Sally, her mood swings are related to food.  When she eats too many carbohydrates, she   can become more erratic.  Then she has anger management issues.  Sally also told me that she has numbness in the hands, which Sally later described as cold hands and poor circulation.    Sally has extreme muscle pains all the time.  Her lower back always hurts.  When I first saw Sally, she appeared depressed. Sally’s mother thought Sally had a yeast problem.  Mother explained that Sally has a history of colic and erratic behavior.  Her moods would change.  Sally doesn’t eat a lot of junk; mother  taught her to eat well.  Her mother said Sally was stubborn from the day she was born.  Foods affected her a lot.  She had to be fed well. Based on Sally’s history and symptoms, I agreed that she was an appropriate patient for the Feast Without Yeast diet and Nystatin.  Sally agreed to try the Feast Without Yeast diet.  She also agreed to try  nystatin oral powder. Sally returned six weeks later.  She was significantly better.   Sally no longer appeared depressed and stated she is not depressed.  She was completely cured of the problem of numbness in her hands.   Sally’s  pains were much better, although she still had some pain in her lower back. Sally’s mother has noticed a big difference in Sally’s mood.  Mother reported that Sally is doing well.  Her behavior and mood are much better.  Mother reported that Sally has had no outbursts, no screaming fits.  She is able to study, and has a lot of homework to do! Sally is following the anti-yeast diet and is taking nystatin. For more information on Dr. Semon’s practice, click here or call 1-877-332-7899.  Dr. Semon is accepting new patients.