Headaches And Migraines


The Best Headache Prevention Diet is the Best Yeast-Free Diet–Try it for relief!

Headaches are a major problem for many people. There is no one medicine that works for headaches. Many people suffer from severe headaches, ranging from chronic headaches to debilitating migraines.

Once you get past being able to take Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen (Tylenol™), because they do not give you relief, your doctor may prescribe other medications. The common medications tried are anti-seizure medications (for example, Topomax™) and beta blockers (such as Inderal™- generic propranolol). Yet, often times even these medications do not work. Getting through the day becomes impossible because you suffer from terrible headaches.

By taking medicines, you are only trying to mask the problem.  You need to use a headache prevention diet to solve the problem at its root.  To find out why, let’s look at a different understanding of headaches.

Many people think that headaches are the problem.  They aren’t.  Headaches are a symptom, not an illness in themselves.

Headaches can be symptoms of many different illnesses.  If your doctor has ruled out major illness as a cause of headaches, look to another cause. In my practice, I have helped many people successfully get rid of headaches by using a headache prevention diet, that is by following our Feast Without Yeast diet Candida overgrowth treatment. As I explain in “Norma’s Case”, which is on another page (click on the link), this headache prevention diet works to reduce headaches.

Why is this? Headaches are a symptom of Candida overgrowth. Candida causes irritating chemicals to enter the body. These chemicals are absorbed and flow through the blood vessels of the head, causing irritation and head pain. I explain elsewhere how the yeast Candida albicans comes in to the body and why it flourishes.

An effective headache treatment will eliminate some specific foods, and treat for yeast. I explain how I do this treatment here. The best headache and yeast free diet is the Feast Without Yeast diet.