Natural Eating Disorders Treatment-Anti-Yeast Therapy


Natural Eating Disorders Treatment

The New York Times recently featured an article about the high costs of the many new eating disorder treatment centers (“What to Look For in an Eating Disorder Treatment Center”). None of the featured centers have natural eating disorders treatment.  There are many of these traditional eating disorders centers because of recent federal laws mandating improved insurance coverage for psychiatric disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia. Even with improved coverage, many families incur very high costs for treating eating disorders in their loved ones. Many of these treatment centers are for profit and are therefore attracting a lot of investor money. But one of the main reasons for such high costs is that medical science has not found any real answers to the problems of eating disorders, especially anorexia, resulting in long treatment times and high fees at these treatment centers.  I am writing this post to propose a different answer, that we look at the foods people are eating to see if the foods themselves are making people sick.

There is Another Answer

Are there any other options? Why has medical science not come up with any answers?  What about natural eating disorders treatment?

Ironically, instead of looking at food itself, and whether food may be causing eating disorders, medical science is focused on the psychological and social implications of eating disorders.

What if we asked a different question? What if people with anorexia are somehow responding to something in food which they know they should not eat, and are trying to avoid in overly effective ways, resulting in avoiding everything?

Food Contains Toxic Chemicals

We know that some foods contain toxic chemicals. For example, the food ingredient “malt,” which is commonly used in baked goods and other food items, contains twenty chemicals which put the brain to sleep. Malt also contains other chemicals which cause headaches. I explain on a different page what malt is and how to avoid it. For our purposes here, just think about the fact that malt itself is toxic, and when added to food, feeds the feeds the intestinal yeast Candida albicans while the person is digesting the food. Candida albicans in turn makes more toxic substances. So every time someone eats malt, they are eating chemicals which put the brain to sleep and feed the yeast which also makes such toxic chemicals. . For example, one type of nutritional supplement often used in hospitals and treatment centers is Ensure™.   Ensure™ contains malt, which has all of those bad chemicals. Perhaps the treatment center, instead of using Ensure™ could use something else. There are other liquid supplements that do not contain malt.

What if people with anorexia are reacting to the toxins in their food, and without knowing why, simply stop eating to avoid getting sick?   I am a board-certified psychiatrist, so I know that things are not so simple. The brain may be processing this message to avoid these foods by thinking “I am fat and this food will make me fatter so I should not eat.”

Experience Shows You can use Natural Eating Disorders Treatment- Anti-Candida Treatment

Why do I suggest this? I have had patients with eating disorders, including anorexia, whom I have treated successfully using my Feast Without Yeast anti-yeast diet and nystatin, a non-absorbed medication. Other people have treated patients with anorexia who start eating again after being treated with other forms of anti-yeast diets.

So, before trying a hugely expensive and often ineffective psychologically-based treatment center for eating disorders, try the Feast Without Yeast diet and nystatin. If this treatment will work for your loved one, you will know within a few weeks.