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Rottenseed! Cottenseed, Alzheimer’s and Your Brain

The only thing in your life that you absolutely complete control over is what you put into your body. Unfortunately, as we can see with the rise of obesity in America and the rise of food rooted disorders, such as Alzheimer’s, that people aren’t seeing this freedom as a responsibility. People aren’t focusing on Alzheimers prevention, they aren’t seeing what has been in front of them all along, that some of the foods that we consume (sometimes on a daily basis) are the same foods that are killing us – without us even knowing it.

For years we have heard about the danger of saturated fat, whole milk, eggs and cheese. But what happens when we take a look at cottonseed and yeast under the microscope? It may be shocking to read that something you believe is healthy for you might just be what causes Alzheimer’s or another disorder.

In Rottenseed! Cottonseed, Alzheimers and Your Brain, Dr. Bruce Semon takes an honest and open look at the cottonseed oil dangers and possibility of Alzheimers prevention that a large portion of the populous is ignoring. How is cottonseed affecting your brain and can you can prevent devastating diseases, like Alzheimer’s, by simply changing your diet? Take a look at this remarkable research and see why people are turning away from foods they are used to and seeing cottonseed oil dangers for what they really are.

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Rottenseed! Cottonseed, Alzheimer’s and Your Brain

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By Andrew Moss on January 29, 2014Format: Paperback Amazon Verified PurchaseHave you known anyone with Alzheimer’s disease? Have you known anyone who cares for a loved one with Alzheimers? This disease has a devastating effect on individuals and families. Dr. Semon has uncovered a connection between cottonseed, a common ingredient in many processed foods found in your supermarket, and Alzheimer-like symptoms in the brains of mice in his laboratory. Read his book, consider his results, and decide for yourself if you should continue to eat items with cottonseed. Will other medical researchers follow up Dr. Semon’s discovery to look for the cause for Alzheimers in our diet? Let’s hope so.

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“This is a remarkable book on so many levels. Offering compelling evidence about one of the best-kept secrets that, once revealed, can change the course of our lives. The author doesn’t just argue about how and why cottonseed is linked to devastating diseases like Alzheimers, but this medical doctor has performed his own fascinating research with shocking findings that will change the way you eat and may ultimately save your life.”

In his book, Rottenseed! Cottonseed, Alzheimer’s and Your Brain, Dr. Semon describes how prior animal studies have proved that cottonseed toxins cause high cholesterol, artery disease, and bleeding. The problem, as he sees it, is no one knows that these studies exist or that all of these cottonseed toxins are in our food. That makes the addition of cottonseed to our food a hidden practice.  Furthermore, based on Dr. Semon’s preliminary study, cottonseed toxins cause


Find out about all of this and more.

Rottenseed! Cottonseed, Alzheimer’s and Your Brain

By Bruce Semon, MD and PhD

Wisconsin Institute of Nutrition LLP

October 2013

• ISBN: 978-0967005720

Publication date: October 28, 2013

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