Success Story: Migraine Treatment With Anti-Yeast Therapy


Success Story-The Case of Betty’s Migraine Treatment with Anti-Yeast Therapy

I first saw Betty (not her real name) when she was 43 years old. She had struggled with migraines for the last few years. She had tried a number of treatments, medications and alternative therapies such as acupuncture and hormonal replacement.

Betty had undergone an MRI scan. The doctor reading the MRI told her that it showed white matter lesions in excess of what a migraine patient at her age should have. She was then referred to a Multiple Sclerosis specialist. When I first saw Betty, she cried about the results of the MRI showing she might be developing multiple sclerosis (MS).

I asked her about her history, and this is what she told me.

Betty’s Long History of Suffering

Betty had suffered from migraines and joint pain. She said she already had an autoimmune disease. Betty told me that several years previously, she had developed random pains. The doctors could not figure out why, despite having a lot of tests over many years. Some days were better than others, but overall, she was feeling bad. Betty reported that she had very bad pain, so bad that some days she could barely stand. She had trouble moving. Betty had a “biomeridian” test, which Betty described as a type of test for testing organ functioning and food sensitivities. This test identified that eating high fructose corn syrup was causing the joint pains.   She learned to avoid the corn syrup. By avoiding high fructose corn syrup, she managed to control almost of her pain.   Betty found that not only the corn syrup, but corn itself, that caused joint pain, so she avoided corn.

A few years later, Betty had premenopausal symptoms and then she developed migraines. She tried birth control pills to manage her cycle. She had headaches at certain times in her cycles. By the time she saw me, she could not control her headaches. She had migraines nearly every day. She had tried medications as prophylactics for headaches but these did not work because she kept having to increase the dose and she would have side effects. Betty also tried to control her migraines through avoiding food. She found herself snacking on grapes, apples and nuts. Her salads always had vinegar dressing.

Betty’s Food Addiction to Fermented Foods

When Betty came to see me, about three years after the migraines started, she had just had the MRI showing possible MS. I asked her about what she was eating. Betty was on what can only be described as a fermented food kick. Just about everything she was eating was fermented. She was eating yogurt with fruit and bananas. She was eating salad at dinner with a dressing that contained vinegar. I should note that this is pretty typical.  Many people with yeast problems have real cravings or addictions to fermented foods.  I discuss this issue on this website.  Click here for more information.

A short time before the first appointment she was trying some recipes from our book, Feast Without Yeast. At least some days had been better since she started using our recipes.

At the first appointment, I took her off fermented foods altogether, and prescribed nystatin oral powder as well as the Feast Without Yeast diet.

Success Within Four Months!

By four months later, following the Feast Without Yeast diet and taking nystatin, Betty reported that she was doing great. The headaches had totally stopped. The joint pain had also stopped. Betty found that she had only mild joint pain if she accidentally ate high fructose corn syrup. Before she started the Feast Without Yeast diet and nystatin, she would have three to seven days of pain and inflammation if she ate high fructose corn syrup. Betty had suffered those symptoms for ten years. Now, after four months of my treatment, the pain and inflammation was reduced to one or two days, and was much milder.

Betty’s anxiety about MS was also greatly relieved because another neurologist reported that they believed that the MRI had been over-read. The MRI did not show MS, but only migraines. I take no credit for that, but I am glad for Betty.

In short, four months on the Feast Without Yeast diet and nystatin had eliminated Betty’s daily migraines and vastly reduced her joint pain and inflammation when she mistakenly ate high fructose corn syrup. More than ten years of suffering nearly gone!

You Can Eliminate Migraines Too

Betty’s case is not unique.  I have had many patients eliminate or vastly reduce their migraines.  Please contact me for more information.  I see patients in my office in Glendale, Wisconsin, and through Telemedicine.