Success Stories: Tourette’s – Gluten Free, Tic Free

Success story

This Success Story about treating Tourette’s and Tics comes from our archives on our old website’s discussion forum.  We originally published it in 2007, and it drew thousands of hits.  We no longer are able to support the discussion forum, so we are republishing this article so you can read it in the author’s own words:

My son has not actually been diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome. I can only say that he has exhibited Tourette’s-like symptoms, from slight to moderate, throughout his seven years. At the beginning of first grade, I alerted his new teacher to the tics. She had seen some in the first few days, and said she would keep me posted. As my husband and I packed for our first trip away from the kids (a stressor), I got notes from his teacher that he was distracting the rest of the class with his “noises.”

By the time we returned, it was time for Halloween and a few more notes from the teacher that the “noises” were “severe.” I was about at my wit’s end, but from what I had read, knew that he couldn’t even be diagnosed until he had been vocalizing for a year. And even if I were to take him to the doctor, I dreaded my son being labeled or treated with meds.

Thankfully, I found this website. I ran out to the store, bought gluten-free cereal, got back home, threw out the Halloween candy, and … my son’s tics disappeared so fast that his teacher wondered what had happened from one day to the next.

I have never had to keep him on a strict gluten-free diet, but when I see the tics reappearing, I at least try to get him out the door in the morning gluten-free. Thank you, Dr. Semon, for getting the word out.