Travel Tips for Yeast Free, Gluten Free, Casein Free Diets


This page was first presented as a handout at the Autism Society of Wisconsin in April,2002, by Lori Kornblum. It is revised and presented in our book, An Extraordinary Power to Heal (2003), Bruce Semon, M.D., Ph.D. and Lori Kornblum. They also are the parents of an adult with autism who is on a yeast free, wheat free and dairy free diet. We hope that this is helpful information for people who are following any specialized diet and love to travel.  Dr. Semon and Ms. Kornblum have been living, breathing and eating this lifestyle since 1991.

General information!

  1. Carry food with you for the entire trip.
  2. Double the amount of food you would expect to eat on an airplane. Expect delays!
  3. Order special meals on airplanes, if the plane is actually serving food.  Don’t count on it.
  4. Plan ahead for eating in restaurants; see our tips on eating in restaurants.

Hotel Survival:

  1. Stay in a Hotel with a kitchen, such as a Residence Inn, TownPlace Suites (by Marriott), or any other “suite” hotel.
  2. Find corporate apartments that are fully furnished.
  3. Stay in mini-suite hotels with refrigerator and microwave.
  4. Last Resort: pack a single electric burner and an electric frying pan for cooking. Use lots of ice to keep foods in the cooler cool.

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For more information on how to implement a special diet, complete with recipes, see our books in the bar at the right.  Bon Voyage!