Success Story: Tourette’s Tics Treated with Feast Without Yeast Diet

Success story

This is another Success Story using the Feast Without Yeast Diet.

This Success Story is from another family who used Feast Without Yeast to get the best Tourette’s treatment.  This Success Story is short, and  comes from our archives on our old website’s discussion forum.  We originally published it in 2008, and it drew thousands of hits.  Tourette’s is a challenging disorder.  The tics from Tourette’s can range from verbal tics to physical tics.  People who suffer from these tics are not able to control them, yet may be vilified or ostracized because of those tics.  Tourette’s can be especially devastating to young children, who don’t understand what is happening to their bodies.  Their peers don’t understand that the children can’t control their bodies.  Yet, using intervention of dietary change, intervention works.

We are republishing this article so you can read it in the author’s own words:

When we first took our son to see Dr. Semon he was consistently “ticking” throughout the day [tics are a symptom of Tourette’s]. After nine weeks of diet and nystatin, we had our first tic-free day and then the following day we had another. Overall, the last week has been anywhere from 1 or 2 tics a day to absolutely nothing. We’re not out of the woods yet, but things couldn’t be going better.

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We have much more information about Tourette’s on this website, as well as information about the Feast Without Yeast anti-yeast treatment.