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Autism This page is Wisconsin Institute of Nutrition’s main page on Autism. This website contains many other pages about Autism as well. We urge you to explore them: Dr. Semon’s Personal Story about Autism Speech Loss is a Medical Emergency...

nutritioninstitute | 25 Feb

Adderall XR Stops Working Answer Child Psychiatrist

When  Adderall XR stops working for ADHD- what to do about it I am a board-certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. many of my patients come to me with ADHD, asking what to do when Adderall XR stops working.  I will help you...

nutritioninstitute | 25 Feb

Contact Wisconsin Institute of Nutrition

Contact Wisconsin Institute of Nutrition Contact the Wisconsin Institute of Nutrition for an appointment with Dr. Semon, please call 1-877-332-7899. Dr. Semon responds personally to all inquiries so if you are not sure if you can be helped, please call....

nutritioninstitute | 14 Feb

About Us

Wisconsin Institute of Nutrition, LLP started in 1999, when we realized that people had a need for information about how Candida causes health problems. Dr. Bruce Semon, M.D., Ph.D., is a board certified psychiatrist with a Ph.D. in nutrition, and...

nutritioninstitute | 14 Feb

Incidence of Autism Growing–now affects 1 in 88 children!

New information from the Centers for Disease Control shows that Autism now affects 1 in 88 children, which is much more than previously reported. The increase in Autism, I believe, is caused at least in part by the increased use...

nutritioninstitute | 14 Feb

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