Speech Loss is a Medical Emergency


What would you do if your two year old child suddenly stopped walking? Stopped using her right arm? Became blind?

Would you “wait and see what happens?” No!

You would call a doctor, take the child to an emergency room, get help! This is not normal, and you, as a parent, know it.

Why is it that when a two year old, or 18 month old, or any child, loses speech, parents are told to “wait and see what happens?” Because the doctor seeing that child doesn’t know what to do and they are afraid to tell the parent.

Loss of speech in a child is NOT normal. Time is critical. Every day that you wait to get treatment for your child is a day that you might have lost forever. If your child loses speech completely, they may never get it back.

If you intervene early while your child still has speech, you have a fighting chance. As a parent, you MUST treat this speech loss as an emergency and take action, no matter what your doctor may tell you. You MUST fight for your child. This is a true medical emergency.

What is normal?
Normally developing children do not lose words. They do not lose the ability to talk. Even children who have been locked in closets through abuse do not lose the ability to talk.

What is not normal?
The loss of speech is not normal. It is one of the main symptoms of Autism, and you should not be afraid to recognize this.

Most of the children and adults I see in my medical practice have a history of either never having speech, or losing speech. I have heard the stories over and over of parents noticing a problem right away, going to the doctor, and being told to “wait and see,” or “Einstein didn’t talk until he was 4.” Remember, Einstein was the exception. You should not take a chance that your baby, slow to talk, will be another Einstein. For most of these children, it was too late to save their speech by the time I saw them.

Can You Save Speech?
Nobody really knows why children lose speech. I have theories based on my two decades of treating people with autism. The best I can suspect is that children’s brains are responding to something toxic going on inside their bodies and are beginning to shut down. Speech loss is a symptom of this response.

Unfortunately, speech loss is just the beginning. Autism can involve a global shut down of almost all development. It affects every aspect of development. I describe these issues in other places on this website.

Importantly, I have had experience in stopping the loss of speech in young children and seeing Autism reversed. Parents can start today to see if this treatment helps, simply by changing diet based on my book, Feast Without Yeast. I make appointment time for young children. This is a medical emergency and you should take it very seriously!

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