Can a Yeast Free Diet Help a Person With Autism? Yes!


We get feedback all the time from parents and relatives about how a yeast free diet has helped a child they know with autism. Often times when people get the news that their child or relative has been diagnosed with autism, they search high and low for answers concerning what may have caused it, what’s going to happen in the future, and how life is going to be moving forward.

If someone is fortunate enough to find our site, they are given information, especially when it comes to an autism diet, which they wouldn’t receive anywhere else.

The yeast Candida albicans that are present inside our intestinal tract, mouth and in the female genital tract can lead to the symptoms of autism being intensified. The toxic compounds created by yeast can have a tremendous effect on the nervous system, resulting in the brain slowing down in certain sectors, such as in areas where speech is processed.

All cases, even severe cases of autism can be treated with a yeast free diet. This autism diet limits the amount of yeast in one’s body, thus eliminating the toxic compounds that have negative effects on speech and other function of the brain.

As you may have read, a yeast free autism diet has helped many patients cope with and limit the symptoms of autism.

In conjunction with the anti-yeast drug Nystatin, we have been able to help many families deal with autism in all levels of severity with our easy to follow yeast free autism diet.

Malt especially is a culprit in the creation of these toxins and the removal of malt and several other foods listed below from someone’s diet will allow the Nystatin to help clear Candida.

A yeast free autism diet consists of removing fermented foods. Beers, vinegars, barley malt, chocolate, soy sauce and other foods are at the root of Candida problems among sufferers of autism.

You can learn more about a yeast free autism diet from the books An Extraordinary Power to Heal and Feast Without Yeast.

One recent review from says it all:

For Parents with Autistic Children. This diet is BETTER than GFCFSF, GAPS or SCD diet.
By varen on June 30, 2015
Format: Paperback
My son has been on “Feast without Yeast” diet and Nystatin for 4 months now and he is almost free of all autistic symptoms.
For parents considering a diet, this diet is BETTER than GFCFSF, GAPS or SCD diet. Apparently, SCD diet as well as others include foods full of mold and toxins which cause repetitiveness, slow brain function, and promote yeast overgrowth.

This diet will help recover fully from autism if a child is 3 years old or younger and will help get symptoms under control and get a stable recovery to some extend for older children.

My son was very autistic and had no speech when he was 2 years old. He was extremely repetitive. He no longer made eye contact, no longer seemed to hear, no longer seemed to understand the 5 words he sometimes spoke. He started having 5-10 tantrums per day and he would wake up every night screaming and head-banging on the floor. He had dark circles under his eyes, pale skin and a fear of separation with mother. He was lining up cars in a long line, later he was replacing toys from one box to another. He stopped saying “Hi” and “Buy”. He stopped pointing at objects.

My son is now 2 years and 8 months old, and he is almost free of any autistic symptoms. He is saying 6-8 word sentences, his eye contact is excellent. He follows my directions, he is curious about everything. Some days he is a bit repetitive (he is not completely free of yeast yet). But most days he is a normal kid, he is progressing, learning, and just being a happy boy. Right now he is learning language just like a normal kid. He is repeating, rephrasing sentences, and asking questions. He has a great sense of humor, he understands emotions. His role play is amazing, he recreates stories from books with toys..

Just a few words about my son’s medical history. He was a healthy boy. He never took any antibiotics. He never had any problems with constipation or diarrhea.He was breasfed for 8 months. He reacted badly to MMR vaccine when he was 13 month old. His autistic symptoms started when he was 18 months old.

When my son started a GFDFSF diet, he was getting better. His eye contact got better and he was generally more with us. However, he had some bad days and some good days. Something was setting him off.

We tried multivitamins, probiotics and GFDFSF diet. It helped somehow, but didn’t treat autistic symptoms completely.
With “Feast without Yeast” diet and Nystatin, we had immediate and noticeable results. I believe that with this diet my son will be free of all autistic symptoms within a year or so.

Author of this diet, Dr. Bruce Semon has an autistic son. He treated his son and since then many other kids. He says that his diet and treatment worked for every autistic kid he’s ever treated.

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Another Review:
This book has changed my grandsons life!, March 20, 2013

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This review is from: Feast Without Yeast: 4 Stages to Better Health : A Complete Guide to Implementing Yeast Free, Wheat (Gluten) Free and Milk (Casein) Free Living (Kindle Edition)

We are blessed to live near Milwaukee and thus Dr. Bruce Semon’s practice. The difference in our our 5 year old grandson with autism is beyond words to express. Within 6 weeks following the start of this diet his speech has gone from occasional one word commands to 4-5 word sentences and much greater vocalization (even if we can’t understand it all). We are discovering that our grandson has so many food and chemical sensitivities that the diet must be strictly followed. It is amazing how maladaptive behaviors can be predicted simply by tracking his food intake. This diet is not a cure, and the road is still a difficult one at times, but I want to scream from the rooftops a HUGE thank you for this book and treatment!