A man with “weird foggy episodes” feels much better after following the anti-yeast diet

A 46 year old man presented for not feeling himself, not feeling good about things and feeling anxious and less confident.  These feelings had gone on for a year.   He had had a panic attack while driving but the main problem was “weird episodes” of going into a fog.  He had recently stopped drinking.  During one of his episodes, he felt tired.  His wife says he is not there.  He answered in vague one word answers.  This could last 15 minutes.  His wife could see him snap out of it.   Sometimes he sleeps 10 to 12 hours to reset.  Sometimes he felt he could not breathe or sleep.  He was not hungry.  He could not calm himself.  His mind was racing about what was not going well.   He was scared not to understand his feelings.  He was having major sleep difficulties.   He went to his primary doctor for a physical.  The doctor went through a check list.  He was not having “seizures”.   He had an elevated blood pressure.  As he had more tests, he was more nervous about what was going on.   His stress level went up.  Some days he felt fine.  Other days he felt terrible.  He had trouble breathing.  He felt a “weight on him”.  His marriage had deteriorated and they were divorcing.  He lost his job and wife said she was done with him.  He had nights when he was not sleeping in the last six months.   MRI and EEG (electroencephalogram) were normal but long EEG showed a little slowing.  

He was started on the anti-yeast diet as described in the book “Feast Without Yeast”.  He returned a month later.  He felt much better.  He had not had any more “episodes”.  He felt better.  He was no longer nauseated.  His bowels were better.  He had not had more diarrhea.  He was interviewing for jobs.  He continued to be sober.

He returned eight months later.  He had had no “episodes” since he started the anti-yeast diet.   He was also taking the anti-yeast medicine nystatin.  He stayed sober.    He felt in control now.  He was looking for a job but otherwise felt fine.  The anti-yeast diet made a major difference in his life.   Patient felt a million times better.  

Patient followed up a year after the initial evaluation.  He continued to feel better, be sober, and have no episodes.   He was in divorce proceedings and the main problem was that no one believed him that he really had no more such episodes.  

No tests showed what the problem was that was causing these “weird foggy episodes”, but the anti-yeast diet (described in Feast Without Yeast) stopped them.  The patient felt considerably better and stayed on the anti-yeast diet.  His wife and others connected with his divorce and custody issues over his child did not believe he had gotten better but he looked and felt far better.   He appreciated how the anti-yeast diet and nystatin made him feel.  

The yeast Candida albicans in the gut makes many toxic chemicals which can make people feel miserable.  This yeast is treated, as in this case, with the anti-yeast diet and the anti-yeast medicine nystatin.  Then people often feel better.