Autism Success Story: Feast Without Yeast Changed Grandson’s Life

Success story

Review on of Feast Without Yeast:

This book has changed my grandsons life!, March 20, 2013

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This review is from: Feast Without Yeast: 4 Stages to Better Health : A Complete Guide to Implementing Yeast Free, Wheat (Gluten) Free and Milk (Casein) Free Living (Kindle Edition)

We are blessed to live near Milwaukee and thus Dr. Bruce Semon’s practice. The difference in our our 5 year old grandson with autism is beyond words to express. Within 6 weeks following the start of this diet his speech has gone from occasional one word commands to 4-5 word sentences and much greater vocalization (even if we can’t understand it all). We are discovering that our grandson has so many food and chemical sensitivities that the diet must be strictly followed. It is amazing how maladaptive behaviors can be predicted simply by tracking his food intake. This diet is not a cure, and the road is still a difficult one at times, but I want to scream from the rooftops a HUGE thank you for this book and treatment!