Success Story: Restless Legs, Arthritis, ADD and Depression!

Success story

Posted by Dr. Bruce Semon: Recently I saw a  57 year old woman for depression which she had had since the age of 29.  She was on 3 different anti-depressants. This woman had suffered from depression, difficulties with concentrating, ADD and now all of these problems were gone after my treatment.  She had suffered from restless legs for 38 years and her legs were “no longer restless.”   This is the first case I have had of anyone complaining of restless legs who then tried anti-yeast therapy.  The restless legs disappeared with anti-yeast therapy. When I first saw her, she reported she was doing OK now but was afraid to stop the medications.  She was also afraid of the long term side effects of the medications.  One of the anti-depressants helped her sleep.   She also had difficulty concentrating and was diagnosed with ADD and was taking Adderall for this.  She also had rotator cuff problems and she had had restless legs since the age of 19 for which she was taking a medication called Requip.  In the past she had fractured her ankle, which required surgery and placement of a metal plate.  She was a vegetarian. I told her, that based on my experience as a psychiatrist and nutritionist,  she could stop all of her medications if she started the Feast Without Yeast  diet and took the anti-yeast medication nystatin. When she came back 6 weeks later, she reported that she had gradually tapered and discontinued all of her psychiatric medications.  She was following the Feast Without Yeast  anti-yeast therapy, including following an anti-yeast diet and taking nystatin.  She stated she feels great.  She stated she is “not crazy”.  Her arthritis was also gone.  Her bone spurs in her shoulders did not hurt anymore.  Before she used to have pain every morning.    She stated work is fine.  She was busy.  Her restless legs are no longer restless.  She thinks the Requip (the medication for restless legs) made it worse.     I am sure that she will not turn out to be unique.  You should not cut out your medications without a physician’s assistance.  I hope other people try this therapy for restless legs, ADD, Arthritis, and Depression.  I am accepting patients at my practice.