Success Story: Homeopathy Cures Impotence after Hernia Surgery

Success story

I recently had a case where I used homeopathy to cure a man of about 95% of his problems due to impotence following surgery for hernia.

My patient was a man in his 50’s.  He had partial impotence before and after hernia surgery. This man had what is called a “direct” inguinal hernia, which is a protrusion of the bowel through the abdominal wall, which enters the inguinal canal. Direct hernias affect the male structures for reproduction by causing pressure.

My patient noted very suddenly that he had pain in his lower groin area. This was very painful and was operated on within a week.  He also had partial impotence. Initially after surgery, the partial impotence improved but then worsened again. About two to three months later, he had the partial impotence plus quite a bit of pain.   The patient revisited the surgeon, who told the patient that the new pain was due to scar tissue formation and could be causing sexual issues, although the surgeon said that this was not common. The surgeon recommended physical therapy. The patient set up the physical therapy, but could not begin for a few weeks due to scheduling issues. Unfortunately, there is not enough in the medical literature about the problem of impotence and hernia in men. Surgery is helpful in some cases but problems can persist.

At this point, the patient asked me about remedies for scar tissue.  The patient was given the homeopathic remedy Thiosinaminum, which is a major remedy for dissolving scar tissue. This remedy was given several times over the next two weeks (before physical therapy could even start) and was helpful almost immediately. This remedy was very helpful in restoring function to about 95%. The patient ended up going to physical therapy only one time due to having most of the problem resolved before physical therapy could start.

Here, the remedy Thiosinaminum was helpful.   We explain how Homeopathy Works more thoroughly on a different page.  As in all cases of homeopathy, the particular remedy is helpful based on the totality of conditions of the patient.   Dr. Bruce Semon is available to help you  for your own conditions.