Passover Cooking Without Poison


Passover–why would we mention Passover Cooking Without Poison?

Passover is the ultimate Feast Without Yeast, our specialty.  This year, Passover begins next Friday Night, April 22, 2016, at sundown. Passover is a feast of freedom, a time when Jewish people all over the world celebrate freedom from Egyptian slavery thousands of years ago.

Passover and Cottonseed Oil–a Bad Combination

But many of the processed special foods for Passover contain poison, in the form of Cottonseed Oil.  For reasons that escape us, Cottonseed Oil has become the oil of choice for processed Passover foods.

What is the problem with cottonseed oil?  The main problem is that it is poisonous.  It causes long term problems in animals,   including high cholesterol and heart disease. Our  book, Rottenseed! Cottonseed, Alzheimer’s and Your Brain, explains this in great detail.  We have many articles on our website about the dangers of Cottonseed Oil.

Use Non-Poisonous Oils for your Cooking!

But we do know that you have a choice.  You can do Passover Cooking Without Poison.  You can use other oils that are kosher for Passover, such as safflower, walnut, grapeseed and olive oils (but consult your own rabbi if you have questions).  We use olive oil or safflower oil.

Hollywood Safflower Oil

Hollywood Safflower Oil–Kosher for Passover

We have the Recipes for You!

We have a lot of our favorite recipes posted in time for Passover, including our juicy Brisket recipe.  Roasted Chicken will be coming this week.  We also have a great fish recipe for Caramelized Salmon Nuggets.

For more great recipes, including homemade Gefilte Fish, and a complete Passover menu,  try our recipes in Feast Without Yeast and  (in Spanish, Un Banquete Sin Levadura), and Extraordinary Foods for the Everyday Kitchen

So, enjoy Passover Cooking Without Poison, and eat safely!