Success Story: Severe Abdominal Pain-20 Years of Pain Gone in 6 Weeks


Dennis’ Problem

Dennis had severe abdominal pain when he came to see me. He had been suffering and searching for an answer for 15 years. Within 6 weeks of starting my treatment, he felt better than he had felt in 20 years!

This is what he told me when he first came. He had suffered from stomach problems for a long time. He had seen many doctors who had not helped him at all, in different cities and even the Mayo Clinic. Dennis had discovered that if he ate the wrong things, he got abdominal pain, discomfort, bloating, cramping, and constipation. He described the feeling as so bad that he even felt it in his legs. Dennis noticed these problems with candy, sugar, wine and whiskey. When Dennis drank beer, he had pain and discomfort in his whole body. His muscles were uncomfortable. Beer also gave him a facial inflammation. With other patients, the same types of symptoms are described as fibromyalgia.

How Dennis Discovered He Had a Candida Problem

Dennis found me because he was doing some research on his problems, and connected them to the yeast Candida albicans. He convinced a doctor in New York to do a “biome” test, although the doctor really didn’t understand or appreciate the significance of the test. The test results showed yeast, and the doctor prescribed nystatin tablets. However, the doctor didn’t go further. In my clinical experience, nystatin tablets are not very effective without the anti-yeast diet, and are minimally effective with the diet.

Dennis continued to search, and found our book, Feast Without Yeast: 4 Stages to Better Health. Based on our book, he was able to start the anti-candida diet himself. He started getting better on his own, following the diet.   He was no longer taking nystatin tablets, as that was well before he found the diet.

Bravo to Dennis for starting the diet on his own!

6 Weeks Later-Feels Better than in the last 20 Years!

He sought me out because he found that the diet was effective, but he needed more help than just the diet, as most of my patients do. I prescribed nystatin oral powder and continuing the diet.

Six weeks later, Dennis came back to see me.  He was on the first stages of the diet, and continued to test foods that gave him problems. He reported that all of the abdominal symptoms were much better.  He could sleep better. The muscle pain and facial inflammation from beer were much better. If he eats the wrong foods, his reaction is not as strong. He said that the nystatin oral powder helps handle the bad reactions.

Dennis was pretty calm and understated. He told me that the problems were so much better that he felt better than he had in 20 years.  He had been to the Mayo Clinic and big doctors in New York, and none of the them had really helped until he found me. This is an amazing recovery in a short time, and Dennis will continue to get better if he stays with the Feast Without Yeast diet and nystatin.

You can Feel Better Too!

We have much more information on our website about abdominal problems and how they are related to Candida albicans, including Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.  Please contact me,  Dr. Bruce Semon, for an appointment.  I also do telemedicine in certain states, including Wisconsin and California.