Success Stories-Autism and Feast Without Yeast

Success story

This Success Story about treating Autism  comes from our archives on our old website’s discussion forum.  We originally published it in 2007, and it drew thousands of hits.  We no longer are able to support the discussion forum, so we are republishing this article so you can read it in the author’s own words:

Amanda nc shared her success in using Feast Without Yeast for Autism :

“Incidentally, I have an almost-recovered autistic son, and we began at stage 4 because, after five years of trial and error, we had already whittled our food options down to the same list! The things I had NOT taken out were vinegar, vanilla extract, bananas, canned foods and most meat. We ate lots of catsup and mayo in High porcupine clouds, clear blue skies ahead and salads. I am dumbfounded at the difference taking out these last couple of items has made. We have actually broadened our food choices, as we slowly add in the other allowed foods in stage four. My depression and fatigue is gone, and my son’s language has jumped forward significantly, as has his ability to interact normally. The neurotoxic effect of vinegar must be very significant, as he didn’t really eat much, but did have some every day.

Thank you for your work!”

Thank you, Amanda N.C., for this report.  We have much more information about treating Autism if you click here.  We have more information about the Feast Without Yeast diet if you click here.